LR Photography Melbourne

About us


Melbourne based party photographer's with over 12 years of collective experience.

We are proud to say that we have completed over 100 private events in 2015 and 130 in 2016. 

Our goal for 2017 is to increase our creative output and complete over 150 events, averaging 3 a week. 

End of Feb Update: So far we have already completed 25 events in 2017 

End of April Update: A great month of continued work. Highlights include 4 individual events on the night of April 16th & 5 twenty-first birthday parties on the 5th of March.

End of May Update: We managed to average two 21st a weekend for the whole month. Considering the next few months are likely to be a little slow, we are happy with May's outcome, as it was above 6 the previous year. Solid contribution to our year goal. 

End of June Update: We managed to obtain seven 21st events this month, 8 club events and two uni events. We are expecting a slower July whilst everyone is enjoying the european summer before we get ready for the warmer months! 


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